Vitromex USA Catalog

All Vitromex porcelain products are Certi ed Porcelain by the Porcelain Tile Certi cation Agency (PTCA) and tested by the Tile Council of North America (TCNA). This certi cation is given only to products that meet the ANSI A137.1 requirements to be a porcelain tile with water absorption of less than 0.5%. Industry criteria dictates that tile shall not exceed 0.5% water absorption to be recognized as frost resistant. As a frost resistant tile, our porcelain can be suitable for outdoor use when installed and maintained properly. Please follow the TCNA guidelines when installing tile indoors and outdoors (ANSI A108.5). When properly installed by a certi ed tile installer these series are considered impervious to cracking. For further information regarding certi ed porcelain, please visit the TCNA. Additionally, certain series of tile have been certi ed as GreenSquared who is a third-party audited certi cation supported by TCNA. This multi-dimensional certi cation evaluates, validates and communicates productswhichhave a positive environmental impact. GreenSquared certi cation shows commitment in the following areas: • Responsible manufacturing practices • Product characteristics • End of product life management • Progressive corporate governance and innovation Vitromex earned Green Squared certi cation through SCS Global, a trusted certi er of choice for environmental certi cations in the building industry. For further information regarding GreenSquared, please visit the GreenSquared Certi cation. www.greensquaredcerti